8 Black Owned Businesses To Support

Historically, Black owned businesses struggled accessing loans and capital and more recently, Black owned businesses have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the the Black community has been treated unequal for so long in so many ways, shopping Black-owned businesses is one of the most powerful actions you can take to support the Black community. It does not take much to help support a Black owned business. Whether you purchase, share, promote, comment, tweet, or fund a business, do your part to elevate, help, and remove negative information about Black owned businesses.

Even though Black History Month is technically over, it doesn’t not mean that you should stop celebrating Black excellence. According to the U.S Census there are more than 2 million Black-owned businesses in the United States. There are more than enough Black businesses that you can support but today I picked a few of my favorite Black owned businesses that I have seen make major moves and have great quality service and products. 

Black Owned Fashion Brands

Walking Rich

The mission of Walking Rich is to promote an empowering environment which enhances the quality of life for individuals which enhances the quality of life for individuals in wheelchairs. They aim to improve their experience by inspiring them through social support, mentorship, education, and fashion.

Shop it: Crew Neck Short Set, $75.00, wheelchairgang.com

Shop it: Walking Rich Original Camo Jogger, $100.00, wheelchairgang.com


Founded in 2019 in Los Angeles, CA URBN NATUR was created to showcase the beauty & innovation brought forth from urban communities. Their products are made in the heart of Los Angeles with the intent to bring about pride and cultural appreciation, in hope of shifting the narrative and stereotypes that have been placed upon urban communities. As you shop on their website, listen to Natur Sound Radio.

Shop it: Essential Sweatpants, $65.00, urbnnatur.com

Shop it: South Central Excellence Crewneck, $60.00, urbnnatur.com


Hadassador is all about breaking the barriers of fashion through non-conforming social standards such as racial diversity, sexual inclusivity, gender fluidity, and female empowerment. For this reason, Hadassador is dedicated to produce high fashion pieces that embody and promote statements and symbols of feminism, racial and ethnic diversity, culture, self-love, and more.

Shop it: Femme Leotard, $70.00, hadassador.com

Shop it: Femininity Mask, $15.00, hadassador.com

Wear Brims

Wear Brims is a luxury hat company that will help you look and feel your best…literally. Their company was founded on basic principles that are at th core of every decision and every design. Faith, Family, Confidence. Embedded with life lessons passed down through generations, Wear Brims understands the importance of being your best self internally, and how that translates into how you express yourself fashionably.

Shop it: Dessert Love, $225.00, wearbrims.com

Shop it: Royal Fox, $250.00, wearbrims.com

Black Owned Health & Beauty Brands

Trademark by Taylor Morgan

Trademark by Taylor Morgan is a beauty brand created for people of all colors and skin types to achieve their highest level of baby soft, healthy, great smelling skin. Her products take care of every need for beautiful skin– and get this! Trademark products promote the longevity of extraordinary skincare. Leaving customers in better condition then before trying them!

Shop it: The Body Mist, $16.00, trademarkbytm.com

Shop it: The Body Oil, $32.00, trademarkbytm.com

RoseGxld Nails

Born of boredom during Quarantine 2020, the two creatives behind RoseGxld merged their love of bad ass nails and bomb music to create an affordable line of luxury press-on nails made to reactivate your bad bitch. Their sets are custom fit, reusable and made with care. All of their press-on nail sets are handcrafted in Los Angeles, California using only high quality gel and acrylic products.

Shop it: Rather Use My Heart, $50.00, rosegxldnails.com

Shop it: Linger On Me, $50.00, rosegxldnails.com

Back To Me Skin Care

Back to Me Skin Care is a skin care brand that sells serum. Back to Me Skin Care believes that everyone was created beautiful, and their purpose is to remind you of just that, no matter what kind of life challenges + experiences you’ve lived through.

Shop it: SunGlow Elixir, $32.00, btmskincare.ocm

Shop it: Moonlight, $30.00, btmskincare.com

Moss Boss LA

Born out of Los Angeles, CA Moss Boss LA has added her own touch on the superfood powerhouse known as sea moss. Her goal is to ultimately help you reach the most beneficial state for your body’s health. The mission of Moss Boss LA is to spread as much health and wellness from our products as possible. Sea moss gel is a major source of increased wellbeing— and our intention is to not only provide a nutritious-rich product, but a naturally alkaline, vegan, edible and delicious one as well.

Shop it: Mango Seamoss Gel, $15.00, mossbossla.com

Shop it: Elderberry Seamoss Gel, $15.00, mossbossla.com

One thought on “8 Black Owned Businesses To Support

  1. Adrienne Lawson says:

    Great synopsis of Black Businesses. I’ll make sure to pass on your link for others. Thank you for keeping us updated on Black urban trends, art and music #yourock


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