Entertainers & High Pedestals

What can we say about this year that hasn’t already been said, what else is there to see, that’s already been seen. Don’t mind me, just a few thoughts trying to summarize the times we’re in. It’s seems as though many thoughts of lately have held weight in the eyes of masses looking for answers to combat the whirlwind we’ve been introduced to, most need an assurance that sometimes hardly arrives with a silver spoon, but thoughts are just as fickle as the people who claim to have all the answers, during these times it’s become prevalent that every individual has their own particular way of processing their own thoughts and opinions. And if so, why is it so important for artists and entertainers to have a political opinion, why do our overall views of them rely on those merits during times like this ? I never needed J Cole to be Fred Hampton, nor do I expect the same impact. Why do we as individuals hold celebrities in these lights in which they do night shine, nor meant to.

Fred Hampton, Malcolm X, and MLK, were prominent leaders in the Black community. Today, we still follow their sentiments of what they believe in and apply it to our own lives. Also, today we do not have any prominent leaders like the ones I just named. That is one of the faults of Black America today, no leader. Entertainers are the next closet thing. Granted, the role of an entertainer is not to speak on political issues and sensitive topics. Their role is to make good music, content, and television for us as consumers and fans to enjoy. Music artists in particular have a voice and platform that we as fans and consumers listen to and absorb their seintments. Hip hop is the product of a set of historical, political, and economic circumstances and since 1973 the role it has served is a voice for those subjugated by systematic political and economic oppression. Of course, you wouldn’t get that energy out of the majority of this generation of hip hop music but it is not wrong to expect it out of certain artists. If any Black musician, comedian, athlete, influencer has a platform I believe they should use that to talk about issues that affect the Black community. With that, I do believe in having intelligent people with common sense to help these artists express themselves. Everyone has good intentions but It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it and that’s how a lot of artists get “cancelled ” in this era. It is also the responsibility of hip hop artists to understand the impact of their lyrics. The hip hop fans I know love hip hop and they listen to their favorite artists, not just because of the beat but what they talk about. Black millennials are products of Black Americans who’ve been through events like the crack epidemic, the Watts riots,etc.. Black millennials have also witnessed and experienced a lot during our lifetime. All in all, we want our favorite artists to speak for us, and say the things we can’t put in words.The connection of an artist and fans are unique like that for a reason. Some artists understand that and some don’t. We just have to weed out the artist who fails to take on that responsibility.

I’m almost pretty sure in this climate. Those artists will find a way to self-sabotage themselves. It’s unfortunate that in today’s world the individuals with money have the most impact, and those ones with the most knowledge do not. We consistently see our favorite entertainers, or artists find numerous ways to show us just how disconnected they are from the community that holds them in high regards. If you’re around the age of 24-29, then you might be familiar with a TV sitcom by the name “Everybody Hates Chris”. If you saw this show you’d also be familiar with Terry Crews, Chris’s father on the show.  Looking back now it’s funny, you’d think someone that played a role like for as long as he did would have a more genuine and impactful connection with the community, but unfortunately life has a funny way of revealing even the most disturbing things about people. Crew’s of several occasions have found ways to not only offend the Black community but also women. It’s imperative we stop making excuses for entertainers of color who have no actual urgency or motive to grow and develop the Black community. It’d be blasphemous to assume we could do this without the help of our Black musicians, musicians, and athletes, without Black talent and minds, the world could not move an inch. And it’s important for individuals to realize that and hold our Black leaders to a standard, and breath energy back into what America itself has destroyed.

Breathing energy into what America itself has destroyed is what it’s all about. At the end of the day, Black Americans as a whole are still fighting for freedom and equality. When people say “the struggle is real” it is really real because it’s in a system designed for us as a people to fail. So, it is very important as a people to use our voices to get messages across and to make change. Not all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk so it is also important for those of us who have powerful, positive and forward thinking messages to stay together and be each other’s leaders, mentors, teachers, learners, kings and queens.

Special collab with Mally Abstract of The Tea and Tobacco Podcast @tea.and.tobacco_podcast @mally.abstract

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