Fuck you 2020 but Thank You.

I’m writing this in the middle/end of what I would say to be the world’s biggest pandemic in my lifetime. New Years Eve, Seaside Lounge in Houston, TX I was celebrating with some of my close friends and we had no idea life after that night would become so life changing. Next thing you know, one of my idols, the world’s greatest basketball player Kobe Bryant, dies in a helicopter crash with one of his daughters and some of his friends. That time for me, Los Angeles, and the whole world was absolutely devastating to say the least. Kobes death was really the start of a sad and lame 2020. It doesn’t stop there, an infectious respiratory disease called coronavirus (COVID-19) takes over the U.S. from China. The virus came in mild but had everyone panic shopping because of the fear that we would not be able to leave our houses in weeks.


The U.S. was in shambles to say the least but wait there’s more! A lot more cases of COVID-19 started to arise which led everyone to quarantine. No one was going into work, no beach, no restaurants, no nothing; literally. After a while, it became the new normal. What did not become the new normal is police killing unarmed Black men and women. George Floyd was a victim of a senseless murder. Black people have had enough. Personally, Trayvon Martin tore me, Mike Brown was enough and Kalief Browder put everything into perspective. George Flyod changed the world. I am so proud of my Black people. We created change, we made non Black people listen and be our allies, we marched, we tore down racist status and symbols, we changed/created laws, we cried, we fought, we protested, and we looted. Even though change will not be made until it is made internally through the system and even though change won’t be made until we go back to Africa; That whole series of events was powerful, I can’t stress it enough. 


Millennials and Gen Z fought like we’ve never fought before but we still have a long way to go. We still need to march, we still need to protest, donate, sign petitions, read, research and be vocal on our platforms. 2020 fuck you. This has been one of the worst years but I will say, thank you 2020 for shedding light through us all. Please follow, In This Together Los Angeles on Instagram for all protest, aid and community resources in the city. https://instagram.com/inthistogether_la?igshid=vmstqgekud7m on 

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