My Ode to Los Angeles, Part 2

Kobe? Kobe who? Were the words of many people on a gloomy Sunday morning in Los Angeles. Everyone stopped what they were doing and faces looked confused as people were glued to their phones… On January 25th 2020, TMZ reported that Kobe Bryant was dead. Everyone was in disbelief and as more reports came through, everyone was quickly saddened and taken aback by the horrific story that swept the nation, especially Los Angeles. It has been reported that Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash with his daughter and nine other people.

As I’m writing this piece, I still can’t believe that the greatest Laker and basketball player died. To me, Kobe Bryant was one of my idols. Even though I didn’t play basketball, I was a Laker fan since birth and since my birth, Kobe has been the greatest Laker. I grew up watching Kobe from number 8 to when he retired to number 24. Kobes skills, passion and achievements has impacted me like no other.

He seemed invincible, powerful and that he could do anything; a real superhero he was. When Kobe retired, I was saddened but happy for him and his family. It was definitely a bittersweet moment as I reminisce about all the great games he played that I watched with my family. I didn’t want him to go but it is time and he put in a lot of work as a Laker. All in all, I’m glad I was able to see him play. To the Black men who were boys growing up watching Kobe play, I know you might feel hopeless, confused and sad.

Kobe was the staple of Black boys that played basketball, Kobe was the reason that a lot of Black boys started to play basketball and for your role model to be taken away from you so early is unfair but life is unfair. Just be thankful for his impact on you, take into account all of the things you learned from him and apply his mentality in everything you do, The Mamba Mentality. Black men, be that superhero, idol and role model that Kobe was to you. To Los Angeles, The Land of Opportunity, The City of Angels who now holds our angel, don’t lose faith. Nipsey was a huge loss last year, and he was a staple in the community that was taken away from us too soon just like Kobe.

It might seem like the city keeps taking big L’s and it makes you question “why?” to have two of the most biggest Los Angeles influences taken away but God has a bigger calling. Los Angeles, do not give up because you’ve been through alot but you always come out on top. Los Angeles, keep representing Nipsey and Kobe, keep the pride, passion, and sense of community going. Los Angeles, keep blasting Nipsey’s song and keep wearing Kobe gear. Los Angeles, keep Nipsey and Kobe murals looks good.

Los Angeles, keep mentioning Nipsey and Kobes names into conversations. Los Angeles, I have no doubt that you won’t let their legacy die! Keep applying The Mamba Mentality, The Marathon Continues….

2 thoughts on “My Ode to Los Angeles, Part 2

  1. Dr. A. says:

    Thank you, Ebony for sharing your inner thoughts about Kobe Bryant. Very sad day for me as well. Totally unexpected. I never considered Kobe an idol, but superstar most definitely. Amazing athlete, role model and overall great representation of a Laker, one among the greatest. Hats off to him and condolences to his family. I just have to say this. Many people have anger because of the emphasis on Kobe’s death and not as much on his daughter or others who died. In my humble opinion, all lives matter, but due to the fact he was a great athlete in the public eye and admired by many (and that’s an understatement) more attention is on Kobe. Not disrespecting others that lost their lives in the devastating plane crash. My love and sympathy to all. Peace, and much respect.


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