The Women’s Room LA Brings it Back Home

This past Saturday on November 23rd, 2019 The Women’s Room LA does it again while bringing it home to Leimert Park, CA. This one was special because it was held in one of the most prominent, historical and magical Black neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Being that it was held in Leimert, it was a beautiful connection to every Black person that was in the space. Another special thing about this Women’s Room LA is that there were women of all ages present, which is what I have never seen before. This goes to show that The Women’s Room LA is a safe, no judgement space for all women of all walks of life. The most beautiful thing about The Women’s Room LA and what The Women’s Room LA is all about is that it is for everyone to network and enjoy each others company and talents. The Women’s Room LA always has dope and unique vendors, panels and performances that are all brought to you by women. There were dope performances by Ladiamondblue, Ventage, and ReRe Williams who kept the event turnt! The vendors included Mercedes Jewelry Box, BeeBee Balloons, Blakkanvas, Skiintones, and @divinelydeyanna.

The panels really set the mood and gets everyone inspired and comfortable. The moderator of the panel was Khrissy “Moderator/CEO of Nina Deuce” and the panelist was Tia Owens “Owner of Killer Instinct Studios”. Both ladies did a great job with leading the conversation about women in the industry. Tia gave great advice on how to maneuver in the industry while being a woman and gave real life examples of the trials and accomplishments that she had endured during her career. She is also a very good example of how it is apart of the game to start off at the bottom and work your way up. There were alot of entrepreneurs in the room so it was great to hear Tia be so vulnerable in telling her story about working at a major label to starting her own.

This year, the Women’s Room LA collaborated with The LA Cypher which is a team of women who host cyphers all around LA. The cyphers are just like the ones you see on the East Coast but with a West Coast feel. The rappers who participated were, Ms. Kyrie, Ms. Tiko Texas, Ms. Stoni, and Devine. All the ladies KILLED it with freestyles but only one could win the $100 cash prize… but in this case two people could win. Devine and Ms. Stoni battled it out head to head and it was so good that the judges couldn’t decide so they both won and split the cash prize. It’s all about women empowerment and supporting one another!

Breanna, who is the CEO and Founder of The Women’s Room LA always puts in so much work and great energy into this event and it always comes out great. I commend her for staying consistent and putting so much passion into this event. Follow her and The Women’s Room La IG page @brehunnny and

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