Q&A with Teenear: The Rising Superstar

I got a chance to exchange words with the rising superstar, Teenear but all of the work and accomplishments that she has put in has already made her a SUPERSTAR. Teenear and her music has a energy that you will automatically gravitate too and vibe with. Her new single Dolla $igns is soooo good no wonder why she’s already signed to Slip-N-Slide and is the first R&B artist in their roster. Check out her Q&A below where she discusses her upbringing, Black visual representation, artist she would love to collaborate with and more!

Q: Your new single “Dolla $igns” is out now! The song is very relatable and I feel that a lot of us boss women has been or is going through that mood… tell me a little bit about the song and the inspiration behind it

A: I’ve been really working hard trying to accomplish more than before and I’m just realizing how hard it is to balance my personal life with business so I felt like Dolla Signs was the perfect way to express that feeling

Q: How long have you been singing and what is your goal with your music?

A: I’ve been singing since I was a little girl, my goal is to leave an everlasting impact with my music

Q: Your music has a very fun and vibrant vibe to it, how would you describe your music and is it for anyone in particular?

A: I would describe it just like you did, fun and vibrant but also diverse and a nice vibe. This isn’t for anyone in particular, I don’t like to be put in a box so I just want to connect with anyone who can relate

Q: Where are you from and does your upbringing affect the sound and influence of your music?

A: I am from Miami and honestly just growing up, living in Miami and seeing Miami every day you see somebody going out and just doing what they love. For example, just walking down the streets of Wynwood you see so many different forms of people expressing themselves through art, and being unapologetically themselves. That inspires me.

Q: If you had to choose 5 people dead or alive to collab with who would it be?

A: Bruno Mars, Kiana Lede, Brandy, Michael Jackson, and Beyonce

Q: You have a song called “I Like It” Ft. Lil Baby, how did that collab come about?

A: My team reached out to his team and sent him the song. I’m grateful that he liked it and was able to do a verse for me

Q: How do you stay focused with all of the temptations and distractions from being in the industry?

A: I would say keeping God as my number 1 and also having a strong support group that involves my family, close-knit friends and team

Q: I love your song and video, “Need Your Love” when creating visuals, how important is representation of Black leads in music videos?

A: Very. The fact that that’s something that stood out to a lot of people in a positive way says a lot by itself.

Q: By the looks of it, you’ve been killing your music career! What have been some highlights for you thus far?

A: My highlights so far would be performing at A3C, having talented influencers support my record, getting recognized on big platforms such as Beats Apple Music, Refinery 29 and recently the Joe Budden Podcast and now confirmed to perform at this year’s Best Life Festival. All of these blessings I’m grateful for

Q: I would personally love to hear an EP or album from you, is that something that you have in the works?

A: Omg yes! And I’m very excited, it’s definitely time and I can’t wait to share it with you guys soon

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