Just In Case You- Vincent Goldwatch: B ( L ) ACK A Long Time

It has been quite a long time since we last heard of Vincent Goldwatch but just in case you forgot… his ability to spit comes from his “gold watch” which he talks about in his last debut single tilted, “The Case of The Missing Watchalong with his last mixtape. Since then, he has been cooking up with his beat makers, The Greenhaven Secret Agent, Really Doe and BeatsbySheed and his producer, Mortal.

Vincent Goldwatch came back with his new mixtape called, Just in Case You. Vincent Goldwatch reeled us all in with his fictional diabolical rhymer story and his hard rhymes about his lifestyle. Now, Vincent Goldwatch is showing us how he really gets down in, Just in Case You and it’s safe to say that Vincent Goldwatch is in his bag with this one!

If you can’t wait until midnight June 7th 2019 when Just in Case You drops, you can check out some of Vincent Goldwatch’s pre-released videos on his Instagram, https://instagram.com/shaheed.v.shabazz?igshid=henvmg27c5o7 .

You can also check out the full length videos on his YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLK6PSPpoVErEin2U_cCV9A


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