Third Times A Charm: Women’s Room LA Event

Back in 2017 I did not know what I was expecting out of the Women’s Room LA event but I came in with an open mind, free spirit an energy to network. While I was there I met really dope female creatives and entrepreneurs including the founder and CEO, Bre. I ended up connecting with her and doing a Q & A about her and the first ever Women’s Room LA Event and how it came about. You can find the article be clicking the link here, .

On March 16th, 2019 I came to the THIRD Women’s Room LA event to support and of course cover the event. I missed the second year but just comparing the first and the third year, I love how unique each event was. I was going into this event thinking it will be very similar to the first one but it definitely was not. The venue and decor blended very well together. This year the venue was a great size and it gave me art gallery vibes and the decor this year was modest and simple. The panel discussion was a very nice touch to the event. The moderator of the panel was Jordan Dixon who is an Author/Motivational Speak and her poetry book is called, Written Wroses. The panelist were,

  1. Nicole Lawson who is an Life Coach/ Writer/ Poet.
  2. Jennifer Torres who is an Planned Parenthood Sex Educator & Activist.
  3. Patriana Jones who is an Author and her book is called, Sex: The Taboo Tool Of Self-Love.
  4. MJ Freeman who is an Entrepreneur of P.U.S.H. Experience LA, Creative Consulting & Events.  

I felt that the moderator and panelist did an excellent job at getting the women in the room and possibly the men too, to be motivated, inspired, comfortable in the space, in-tune and honest with themselves; at least that is how I felt. The panel covered topics like self-love, self-care, relationships, sex and love. After the panel, everyone got a chance to get some liquor in their system, get snacks and network and enjoy all of the wonderful vendors that were present. Another great touch that I loved was the fun interactive games that were introduced to keep the crowd alive.

Some of my favorite vendors were,

  1. SimplyHERZ which is an all natural earth to Body Skincare and Lifestyle product line by a lovely woman named, Cherelle. Cherelle makes her own handmade beauty products. She states, “I wanted to use more all natural products with ingredients I could pronounce in my daily routine, without breaking the bank. As we all know products geared towards African Americans in stores are slim to none and they never seem to hydrate your skin the way you want”.

You can learn more about Cherelle and her products by going to her website and social media @SimplyHERZ_ on Instagram and SimplyHERZ on Facebook.


  1. Gold Soul Good JuJu is such a cute and catchy name and the designer and owner of this brand is, Chasity Mobley. Chasity designs BEAUTIFUL handmade jewelry for goddesses around the world. Now, who doesn’t like poppin gold jewelry on melanin skin?! Gold Soul Good JuJu’s products are beautiful and eye catching and they are made with love and positive energy and I totally believe that just by the few words of exchange we had together.

Check out her and her jewelry at and @shopgoldsouljuju on Instagram.


  1. Flwr Food is a women owned health & wellness brand that educates and heals through the power of mother nature, CBD! I believe that almost everyone in the country and specifically California smokes weed and knows about THC but a lot of people do not know about Cannabidiol (CBD) which is one of the 100+ Cannabinoids that make up the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not give you a high but it does wonders for the healing of your body.  Some of the products these ladies sells are, oils, lip balm, honey, body scrub and much more!

To learn more about CBD and the products Flwr Food has, check them out at and @flwrfood on Instagram.


  1.  Last but not least, Pretti Jewels Box is a one stop shop. Morgan Simone is a Blogger, YouTuber and an Health and Beauty Enthusiast. What caught my eye was the Pretti P Apothecary. Pretti P has a line of natural feminine products. If you do not know, most feminine care products are not recommended by doctors because it can mess up your PH balance. Pretti P introduced me to V-Steams. She stated, “Steaming is supposed to be a form of meditation and it promotes the reversal of infertility, bad menstrual cramps (which I have, that is why I purchased a bag), tubal blockage, ovarian cysts and much much more!”

To learn more about V-Steams and other Pretti Jewels Box products, check her out at


The Women’s Room LA is becoming a fun and fulfilling tradition for me and I hope to see The Women’s Room LA keep up the women empowerment and do this annually, bigger and better!

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