For Us by Us: The Come Up

One aspect of knowing the value of the Black dollar is spending the dollar on Black owned businesses. There seems to be a split view surrounded by Black Millennial’s that I see and hear on supporting Black owned businesses; either you buy Black no matter what or you complain about the prices and quality. Well, if you fall under the second category you won’t feel that way anymore after going to, The Come Up.

Yesterday, I went to The Art District in Downtown Los Angeles to check out “The Come Up”, The Come Up is a market that happens every month that highlights Black owned businesses. I have always seen posts about it on social media but I never had a chance to check it out. Finally, I got a chance to go and it really lifted my spirits. There was such amazing vibes from being at the market place; from the choice of venue and location to the people that greeted you in, and to the music and the DJ that set the tone. You could feel the Black excellence energy all around you. Some of the vendors that I seen sold, clothing items, candles, crystal & stones, jewelry, bonnets & scarfs, bow ties, flowers, sunglasses and much, much more! And of course there is no Black anything without food and liquor. There were food trucks, bar tenders and juice bars; all catered by Black people.

The Come Up is a great market place for Black Millennial’s to shop because it is for us by us. Young, vibrant, hardworking and aesthetically pleasing Black people in Los Angeles with reasonable prices and great quality. If I could put a “yassss” with a hand clap, meme right here I would.

Throughout the many dope vendors that were there, there were three that I bought from…

1. Jasmine Deadmon |@jxls |

2. Gentelmane |@gentlemanetame |

3. Purple Pineapple Co. | @mypurplepineapple |

Jasmine Deadmon is a a pop designer with a bright, trendy, Afrocentric accessory line that caught my eye when I first walked in by their continent of Africa necklaces and earrings of different sizes and colors. Jasmine Deadmons brand is simple but very eye catching and her accessories are accessible to peoples different styles. I bought the “Black” small and round earrings which will go perfect with anything.


Gentelmane  is a brand that caters to Black hair, okurrrr. Black hair care is something that is near and dear to every Black woman (and Black man). One important thing to  healthy hair is protection and Gentelmane has you covered. They have very nice looking satin bonnets of different sizes and colors, braids/locs bonnets, scarves, and even satin pillowcases! I feel like you can never have enough bonnets of scarfs so I copped me a real cute pink and green flower scarf.


Purple Pineapple Co. caught my eye by their neutral colors and vintage vibe. The next thing I saw were graphics of Sade, Obama, Angela Davis, and Biggie. Literally, if you have any of those prominent figures on your products, most likely its going to be dope and that it was. They sell, prints, stickers, pins and lip balm, items that are essential to Millennial’s, hipsters, artsy people and pretty much anyone with a cool sense of fashion. I miss my president and the photo of young Obama smoking a blunt is iconic so I got the young Obama pin for the win.


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