VMNOW’s First Best Visuals of 2018

I never even thought of talking about or doing a write up on visuals because visuals or “music videos” are something that isn’t that popular anymore in this era. Visuals were very popular back in the 1999’s and early 2000’s . Visuals were something that every artist back then did and it was just as important as the song was. I applaud the artists in this era that still does visuals and actually puts in time, effort and of course A LOT of money to make a great one. Also, visuals cost way more to produce now more than ever so when a artist creates one, it is significant. Here are the top visuals (In no particular order) that I loved in 2018…

  1.  Nick Minaj x Barbie Dreams
  2.  Vince Staples x FUN!
  3.  Travis Scott x Yosemite
  4.  The Carters x Ape Shit
  5. Kendrick Lamar Ft. SZA x All The Stars
  6. Nipsey Hussle Ft. Dom Kennedy & Belly x Double Up
  7. Cardi B x Money
  8. Drake x In My Feelings
  9. Childish Gambino x This is America
  10. Migos Ft. Drake x Walk it  Talk it
  11.  Tyler The Creator Ft. Kali Uchis x See You Again

BUT… If I had to pick a top 5 I would pick…

  1. Nicki Minaj x Barbie Dreams I’m a Barb and I’m biased, plus I loved how simple it was along with her outfit choices and hair styles. Shout out to @Arrogant_tae123 on Instagram he’s the bomb!

2. Vince Staples x FUN! Vince is an intelligent person in general and to visually see what he comes up with as a video concept is satisfying. What I got from the video was that white kids secretly obsess with Black rappers and the hood, for the most part. How the video was shot through Google maps was a dope way to do it because I feel like white kids really do shit like that. Whoever the videographer or the producer of this video was did a great job.

3. Nipsey Hussle Ft. Dom Kennedy & Belly x Double Up. I’m biased again, Nip and Dom are two of my favorite rappers. This video was so player and smooth and I liked how they put a little story line in it with Lauren London.

4. Travis Scott x Yosemite. This is one of my favorite songs off of Astroworld and I love how the video was shot with all of the effects. From this video and Sicko Mode, it seems like he spends A LOT of money on his videos. It also seems like they could create this into a movie if they wanted to. I’m not sure if there was a message or story line behind it but it also seems like it was just a cool video. If there was a message or story line behind it, my guess would be that the little boy was/is Travis and the little boy is just searching for something or is lost and stumbled upon Astroworld and older Travis is dreaming of this whole video in his head.

5. Childish Gambino x This is America. This video is an honorable mention because of the strong message and visuals in this video. What I took from the video was a vivid representation of what AmeriKKKa is. No matter what success or good things Black people has going for them, no matter if we are minding our business, no matter what kind of fun we are having, white people and cops in particular always finds a way or an excuse to shoot us down, literally.

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