VMNOW’s First Best Albums 2018 Review

I have never did a write up on the Best Albums in any year but this year I am. Every media and music outlet puts out a list of the best albums at the end of the year. I usually do not agree with them even if they are a hip-hop outlet, they are always missing someone or there is someone there that shouldn’t be there. Usually there is a certain criteria on voting for the best albums. The criteria is, 1. Sales (including streams) 2. Impact 3. Content 4. Body of work as a whole. When I decided on my best albums of the year, I went by this criteria but I was also bias so, it is what it is.

  1. J. Cole x KOD
  2.  Black Panther Soundtrack
  3.  J. Rock x Redemption
  4.  Nipsey Hussle x Victory Lap
  5. Travis Scott x Astroworld
  6.  Drake x Scorpion
  7.  The Carters x Everything s Love (Honorary Mention)

Now, in no particular order these are the best albums of 2018 in my opinion. J.Cole, Drake and The Carters are some of the best rappers/artists out in this era so its a given that they are on my list. These artist  always create great content, have high number of sells and makes an great impact.

The Blank Panther album was randomly good af! We all know that the movie was really good but to have Kendrick Lamar curate this album was an amazing idea. He has such good taste in music that it correlated very well with the movie. He represented for the West Coast but also supported other talented artist and the songs he selected was such a vibe for the lack of better words. I never loved a “soundtrack” off a movie like I love this one.

J. Rocks Redemption album was so worth the wait. J.Rock has been grinding on his rap shit for quite some time; hell, he’s the first member of TDE (and we gonna get into how dope TDE as a collective is). J.Rock has definitely mastered his craft and is one of the best and purest gangster rappers out right now from coast to coast. His album was clean, concise and you can actually feel what he is saying. Whenever a artist has the ability to do that, is a great one.

I think I’m going to give Nipsey Hussles Victory Lap number 1. I’m giving Victory Lap the best album of the year because just like J.Rock, he has been grinding in this rap shit for a long time and all of his mix-tapes ad projects lead up to this great album. Nipsey is very big on community, health, and wealth and he makes that clear in his album. Those three components are very essential to the Black community and because Nipsey is in his community often, makes all the difference. You can tell everything he did and is doing is pure. Nipsey also had the support from Black hip-hop moguls like P. Diddy and Jay Z, if they support you heavy, you’re on. Last but certainly not least, his album is Grammy nominated!!!!

Travis Scott is an artist that some might put with the greats that I mentioned early like Drake and J.Cole after the Astroworld album and tour; which is understandable but he hasn’t put in half of the work that they have. Nevertheless, Astroworld was also a randomly amazing album. I truly did not expect his album to be that good, I didn’t know he had all of that in him to be quite honest. His previous albums were okay but I never wanted to go to a Travis concert until NOW. Astroworld is full of life and high energy, I love that. Whenever I turn on any song from that album, that is what I get and I love it. Not to mention the crazy production on the album, it is mind blowing good. This is definitely a album you could listen to for the feels, not so much of the content. For Sicko Mode to do what it is doing on the charts and on the streets is awesome and for his tour to be highly anticipated is awesome as well. His tour looked so fun and his set up and merch looked amazing.

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