One on One Q & A with Profhit

After the Q & A portion of this interview was done, I got a chance to talk and get extra words and vibes with the artist named Prof.Hit via FaceTime (Thank God for technology). I found out that Prof.Hit is a artist of many talents other than rap and he has a sense of different cultures and styles other than his own.

Q: How did you get the name Prof.Hit?

A: It’s actually “Profhit” no period. A self given name because I always loved making money and had dreams of pursuing a career in music and the dreams were so vivid it felt prophetic so as I got older it was like being pulled between doing illegal things to get money and chasing my dreams so I mixed “Profit” with “Prophet

Q: When did you start rapping and when did you start taking it seriously?

A: I was rapping at age Six. Me and my cousin would rap over instrumentals on a karaoke machine and I started taking it serious when my older cousin brought me to the studio at the age of eight. Since then I’ve been honing my craft and building my catalog independently.

Q: Where are you from?

A: San Francisco, CA (The Bay Area)

Q: How has your hometown influenced music?

A: Very Heavily, The entire Bay Area has influenced my music from the culture, the slang, the style, the way we hustle etc., The Bay is a place where people feed off our creativity but never give props. As an artist I plan to change that.

Q: What artist did you grow up listening to?

A: All the Bay Area Elites from E-40, Too Short, Mac Dre down to the hometown elites like Rappin 4-Tay, San Quinn, JT The Bigga Figga, Fully Loaded, Cellski, R.B.L Posse, The Jacka etc., There was alot of love and support for artist thru the radio station 106.1 KMEL. As I got older I started expanding my taste to artist like DMX, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Nas and different genres like Jazz, Classical, Soul, R&B, etc.,

Q: What artist and producers do you work with?

A: I work with a host of producers over my career and in my younger days some of the top producers in Northern CA; For now I work primarily with my production and business partner “Dmuzicman” who executively produced my current EP “Thee EmCee”.

Q: I can imagine that being a rapper isn’t easy, so how do you stay motivated and keep people interested?

A: Staying motivated is easy. I was born and raised as an underdog and have the spirit of a fighter and a champion so quitting is not apart of my routine or lifestyle. Now keeping people is a completely different thing, Nowadays I feel like artist are doing all these random things via social media to capture people’s attention and then bring them around to the music. It’s really hard trying to figure out what will grab peoples attention to take a listen to your music and I have no intentions on being people’s source of humor and entertainment just to listen to my music. I just create the content and put it out there and work on the marketing and branding side to do the work of what payola and street teams used to do before the digital takeover.

Q: Have you seen improvement in your music and are you excited about where you are headed?

A: Improvement is the only way I will continue to make music. Sometimes artist just want to create but before I move on to doing anything new I listen to what I’ve done from the beginning (Some of my music from my childhood is actually on cassette tapes) to now and If I don’t see growth in the current project I’m working on I’ll sit down and wait until I get the creative juices flowing that surpasses what I’ve already done lyrically, intellectually and originally.

Q: Talk about the latest song or project you have out…

A: The current single for the project is “Ball-Owt” this is a club banger/Pop-Hip Hop track with all the nuances that are expected in today’s sound; however I still deliver the bars and flow. It’s a song with a catchy chorus and claps for the twerkers and uptempo beat for the dancers. The most important thing for me as an artist is having a message. This song isn’t about what usually comes to mind when hearing “Ball Out” and on the 3rd verse its dedicated to the real struggle of anybody who is either an entrepreneur working 60-80 hours per week or people with 9-5’s working tirelessly and still not making ends meet but taking what you have and going out and enjoying the little time you have outside of work.  Lastly the last few bars are essentially dedicated to the last day of life of Michael Brown.

Q: Where can people stay up on your music?

A: The website for my record company “Music N’ ME Records” is still under construction but you can sign up to be emailed and notified when all new and upcoming projects from artist as myself and others on the label are released as well all my forthcoming projects including my full length LP “Its Better Late Than Never” will be released via all digital streaming platforms as well as purchase through Google Play, Amazon and iTunes.

Q: What are your social media handles?

A: IG: @Musicn_me_CEO for the record company

@Thee.EmCee for my personal artist page

Twitter: @Profhit

SnapChat: ScoobyDbaby

Facebook: Music N’ ME Records

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