The Black Millennial Playlist

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been slacking on content and I apologize. I was busy working on my thesis project titled “I’m Black and I’m Proud” : Hip-hop, Black Millennial’s, and Understandings of Blackness! Thank the Lord, I finally completed and defended my thesis project. Below is my abstract.

This study researches what role, if any, hip-hop lyrics and culture play in shaping U.S. based Black Millennial’s’ understandings of Blackness. There is not a wide range of current scholarly information about Black Millennial’s, hip-hop lyrics, hip-hop culture and Blackness. Nine Black Millennial men and women from the ages of 22 through 37 were selected to interview for this research. These interviewees were picked through personal relationships and knowing the amount of knowledge they hold about hip-hop and Blackness. Scholarly books and articles were also a method used to conduct this research. This research seeks to contribute to this growing area of scholarship, and the Black Millennial Playlist is the sonic corollary to the project.

While you guys wait to read my lovely research (link will be provided soon). When I asked my interviewees, “what are 3 songs that has impacted or inspired you in any way?” The Black Millennial Playlist was curated from those songs.I hope you guys enjoy it!

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