Post-Grad Depression & The Transition from Undergrad to Adulthood

No more spring breaks, no more winter breaks, no more summer breaks, no more club meetings, sporting games, Greek life, college parties and the list goes on!

I’m speaking on this because I want to share my experience from when I graduated from undergrad in 2015 from THE Alabama State University. I am also speaking on this because I seen Black Twitter talking about how post-grad depression and the transition from undergrad to adulthood is very overlooked. By the responses from Black Twitter, it seems like it really isn’t something that is being talked about and it is overlooked.

Being born and raised in California and going to a HBCU in Alabama was life changing and it was the best experience of my life. In my last year as a undergrad, I realized that Alabama State, the city of Montgomery, the state of Alabama and the south in general was my life. The people that I’ve met there are my family and realizing that I was going to up and leave what I’ve know for 5 years was tough, it was bittersweet. To add on to that, I was in a on and off relationship with I guess, “my college sweetheart” and to leave him and go back home was even worse. Once I got back home to California, I was happy to be back because I’m a true California girl but I was also sad to be to away from what I’ve been accustom too. When I got home, I didn’t have a plan or anything for what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to go to grad school but that was it. It felt like something was missing…

I say that to say this,  A lot of students are not aware about what life brings you after you graduate from undergrad and how hard it is to be content with where you are because no one talks about it or gives you a heads up.  Students are so sheltered in undergrad and are just ready to leave and graduate, they don’t know about the effects of it.

I feel as though most people graduating from undergrad do not have a concrete plan for when they graduate which makes things difficult. What makes things even more difficult is when you do have a concrete plan but that plan doesn’t happen because of life. Either you didn’t get that job that you wanted or you didn’t get accepted into that school that you wanted. There is a chance that you’ll feel like you’ve lost direction in life a little bit like I did.

Just a little advice, trust the process. It’s going to be hard, you’re going to miss TF out of college life! Know that you’re not the only one going through this rough transition so, don’t think you’re the problem. Get a plan, quick! It’s the real world now and it’s very competitive. Lastly, it is very important to talk to someone and to not hold in your feelings and thoughts so find a support system or someone that you can talk too.

For me, Drake’s Views album helped me a lot lol I know it sounds funny but it did, especially his song “Faithful” What also helped me was talking to my mom after I bottled in my feelings for so long. I also started visiting my school and planning trips with my college friends. That made all the difference.

P.S: Check out my article called “An Ode to Millennial’s” I feel like that article is the perfect segway from this article.


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