The Narrative, Tale and Vision of The Rhymer, VINCENT GOLDWATCH

Come on this musical journey with me as we discover, VINCENT GOLDWATCH. VINCENT GOLDWATCH is a fictional diabolical rhymer and his ability to spit comes from his “Gold Watch” that was given to him by a high priest. Check out the opening song below called “Case of the Missing Watch”

Yeah, ya’ll feelin that? Even though it’s 2018, VINCENT GOLDWATCH has a 90’s rhyme style and beats. Shout out to Vincent, @beatsbysheed on Instagram.

What makes VINCENT GOLDWATCH music so unique is that his album format is by song, interlude, song, interlude all the way through. With that, he has dope visuals from classic movies and cartoons that goes along with the certain theme of the song. This technique is super neat because It’s almost like you’re watching a movie! With 27 plus songs and with visuals you will enter into the world of VINCENT GOLDWATCH which features his love for Adidas, family, his spirituality, the California lifestyle and the street life.


Don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel for more! VINCENT GOLDWATCH


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