How Fake Are Your Social Media Followers?

There’s three types of people on social media (Instagram specifically) there’s the,

1. The Instagram famous person who has a lot of followers, takes bomb pics, has endorsement deals and gets no less than 1,000 likes on their post.

2. The person who has a decent amount of followers but their pictures have no good equality and they have no aesthetic to them what so ever and they still get no less than like 500 likes on their post. (I need their friends obviously)

3. People like me, a regular girl who gives you good quality pictures and ratchet, artsy and intelligent posts. I have a little over 2,000 followers but the most likes I get are around 300, if that and the least likes I get are around 15 lol.


Social Media followers are not loyal, they’re only loyal if you post on insta-snap, or if your half naked and wearing tight clothes. If you post anything of substance or if you try to promote your brand, give advice and try to be uplifting, you get little to no feedback. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this, here’s proof…

In the words of my best friend Jah Finesse, “Don’t read and not follow the movement”.


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