Nipsey Hussle x The Hundreds Collab Along With a Shoutout to Nipsey and Victory Lap

Nipsey Hussles new album Victory Lap just dropped a few days ago just in time for NBA All Star Weekend in LA! Different parties and events would go crazy when the DJ played Last Time That I Checc’d Featuring. YG and Rap Niggas. The vibe of these two songs are so LA, it just makes you want do your LA two step and learn all of the words so you can rap along.

Even before Victory Lap, Nipsey Hussle has always been an inspiration to young people of color and youth that has big dreams but might be distracted by different obstacles in their life. The songs, Blue Laces 2 and Dedication Featuring Kendrick Lamar makes you want to drop everything and put in 100 percent into your craft; that thing that you really love and want to do for the rest of your life.

Nipsey Hussle never forgot where he came from throughout all of his business en-devours like investing in Cryptocurreny,  parenting with Atlantic Records and opening The Marathon Clothing Store on Slauson Ave in LA.

Nipsey Hussles recent business en-devour is parenting with The Hundreds clothing brand. The Marathon Clothing brand collaborated with The Hundreds to create a simple, causal but want to have collection of t-shirts, hoodies, snapbacks, travel bags and accessories. The collection was designed by Bobby Hundreds with the inspiration of a story with Nipsey that happened years ago. Each piece has the words “CRENSHAW and “RSWD” along with The hundred “Solid Bomb” logo and the words “VICTORY LAP” with the album and LP’s release date.

Tap in and check out the collection in The Hundreds Store and The Marathon Store in LA and also on the



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