Nawfside Adz ft. The Real T3 Prove they have No time for Guessing with their track Pick A Side By: Ryan Anderson

Nawfside Adz and The Real T3 are independent artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma who through their hard work have been gaining notoriety and praise. They are known mostly for their street sound that has given birth to street anthems on their other collaboration “50 Band Gang” as well as their solo tracks The Real T3’s “Broad Day Gang” and Nawfside Adz’s “Dirty”.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers,” this is a famous quote by French writer Voltaire. And for The Real T3 and Nawfside Adz their questions are symbolic of a way of survival that these two have learned in the streets of Tulsa, which they ask on their track “Pick A Side”. The song itself starts with a hypnotic feel combined with some high hats to create a bounce and a street feel to it.


The Real T3 sets the tone for the track as he able to finesse his way thru each bar and deliver a flow that is both braggadocious as well as heart. As he spits: “When it come to this street shit, nigga what have you did? Have you ever been in the struggle? Do you know how it feel? Hungry ass nights, stomach rumblin’ Nigga ribs, you just talkin’ in your raps or do you live that shit forreal?”


As the chorus ends the audience is introduced to Nawfside Adz. Nawfside Adz is a person who embodies ‘the hustle’ he not only has built a brand called Nawfside which The Real T3 can be seen wearing in the video, he can also rap. Nawfside starts out the 2nd verse with a few questions of his own. “I’m tryna bust this niggas head, is you down wit it?, And if he ain’t by himself is you gonna down a nigga, And if we get jammed by them boyz, you keepin’ quiet nigga?”


Checkout their visual to “Pick A Side”:


Social Media:

Instagram : A_D_Z

Instagram: threeda3


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