St. Domonick executes the Option with his track 5050 By: Ryan Anderson

St. Domonick is an independent artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma who recently released a project named #SSS (Santos Swim School) on SoundCloud. St. Domonick is best known for his deep introspective flow and love for 90s nostalgic fashion which has set him apart in such a big pool of artists. Some call him St. Domonick, some call him Vuelo, either way It’s his voice that initially draws you in and his swagger and bars that will keep coming back.

RBO. For the Super Bowl this meant “Run, Pass, Option”, which is a statistic that helped the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl. And for longtime collaborators St. Domonick and Hakeem Eli’juwon RPO has been the formula that has earned this duo threat a hit each and every time. So it’s no wonder that their video 5050 be a visual representation of their hit formula.


St. Domonick is undoubtedly quarterbacking on this track as he starts it off with a cool flow that is slow developing like a play-action pass. He is comfortable in the pocket that he finds on the track and with the defense listening he is able to quickly switch up his flow like a quarterback doing a pump fake, and often before it’s too late that slow developing play has turned into a touchdown. The touchdown is nice but it’s how he does it, that’s the real science. It’s the replay that tells all. Going back and listening to St. Domonick’s verse it’s the smooth flow, the switch up, his love for 90s nostalgia and Karl Kani clothing that makes this verse so St. Domonick.


All my niggas chasin’ fetti,

All my niggas ready right now,

Just rolled up a fuckin L so loud that they told me pipe down,

Who fuckkin with the Flight now?


Hakeem has dual responsibilities on the track much like a running back during a play action. One of these responsibilities may be selling the run, which Hakeem does as he starts off the chorus almost immediately after St. Domonick’s verse as he spits: “We out here bending corners in the trenches..“ This track highlights Hakeem’s versatility and dual responsibility because right after the chorus he carries the track into his verse just as a running back would. Hakeem carefully makes precision cuts from one bar to the next. It’s vision that Hakeem shows and a maturity that comes from his experience. An experience that has made him wise beyond his age that only comes with knowledge of the game. And I this track highlights just that. As he spits:


“I got talent but hard work will surely top it, I took King as an example it was knowledge.”


When it comes to describing this track it’s clear that “5050” is the Option. Both St. Domonick and Hakeem Eli’juwon prove they are a duo threat that have the ability to make a hit. And the video which was shot by King Spencer is one of the many plays that these two will be remembered by. So whether by run or by pass it’s still 5050. And both players still have the option.

St. Domonick Soundcloud

But without further ado. Here’s “5050” by St. Domonick ft. Hakeem Elijuwon???/:

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