Kendrick “DAMN” Cortez vs. Levi x Jordan Collab

Alright, let me start off by saying that, yes I am from the west and I have never had a pair of Cortez’s in my life because they never looked that nice to me to buy a pair. Also, I’ve only had one pair of Jordan’s in my life and they were the 10’s and my friend let me have them. Plus, I don’t like the the hype over Jordan’s and I think Michael is a sell out but that’s a different story…

The point is, I definitely want a pair of these DAMN Cortez’s, I love Kendrick, the shoes are simple and clean, and I loved the DAMN album. Point, blank, period. Now, The Levi x Jordan 4’s are cute for a hype beast but it’s not my style at all. I do like the jean jacket though, shout out to Levi.

According to Nike, the Cortez Kenny 1 will drop January 26 on the brand’s SNKRS app.

The Jordan  x Levi’s Air Jordan 4 and Jordan Reversible Trucker jacket will release at select Jordan Brand retailers starting Wed., Jan. 17.

Check them out below! Which one do you like more and would you cop?



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