Be the Change You Want to See in The World: Potential Mexican Indigenous Women President

Just like the United States, Mexico has never had a women as president. Meet Maria De Jesus Patricio Martines AKA “Marichuy”, the first indigenous woman to run for president. Marichuy running for president is significant because indigenous people just now started to be counted in the Census as people. Also, they are often left out because they are in a lower class and have darker skin. This is also significant because, Marichuy is the first political candidate to be endorsed by the Zapatista movement. The Zapatista group is a left-wing revolutionary political and militant group based in Chiapas, which is in the southernmost state of Mexico.The Zapatistas is made up of indigenous people, but also includes some supporters in urban areas and internationally. Marichuy is not only in support of her own people, she is in support of everyone in the world. She is running on a board leftism platform and she goal is to protect the poor, the environment and to not take money from the government or any corporations. Marichuy and the rest of Mexico’s indigenous community is rallying for the 2018 elections. Since Marichuy doesn’t belong to a political party, she has to gather 866,593 signatures to participate in the 2018 elections. With the indigenous community and the national council in great support, she is off to a good start.

Click the link “Video” to see more of Marichuys  journey : 


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