Aeeey! Black Students at a PWI Celebrates #DuragDay

Personally, I don’t know where all the hype came from about durags this year. Durags been poppin’ and it’s been my thing. Anyways, Durag Day is something that we the culture curated and if you’re on black twitter then you’ve probably seen the roll out of Durag Day. Lets really give up for the beautiful black college students at the University of Texas at Austin that took Durag Day by a storm! Durag Day began on Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia, this is something you’ll expect at an great HBCU like Morehouse. To do something amazing and different like this at A PWI where the percentage of black people is four percentage, is amazing. These students had no shame in their game. This movement is important because it shows that you don’t have to be at an HBCU to sense black excellence, community, unity and pride. These students have all of that and more, so salute to y’all.

Click the link to watch #UTDurag Day :

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