A Beautiful Trip with Jhene Aiko: The Album, The Movie and #PennysPen

The past few months has been amazing for Jhene Aiko.  Her new album Trip is now available everywhere, which is an amazing piece of work; perusal.  The album is a double disc and the pictures were taken and edited by her! The album is very happy, free, spiritual and real. Which is what I love about Jhene, she sings about things that are hard for everyday people like me to put in words. The album features a beautiful collaboration with Brandy, a vibe with Swae Lee and a epic skit with the one and only Kurupt.  In addition to her album, Jhene dropped a movie that is also called Trip. The movie shows an actually Trip that she encounters with another person. Throughout the movie you hear pieces of her angelic voice with some of her poetry. Most importantly, she dedicates this movie to her older brother that she lost to cancer. This movie is the most pure and emotional piece of work that I have seen from an R&B artist, it is truly amazing. If you didn’t know, National Day of Writing was on October 20th 2017. Jhene learned about the power of her pen at an early age and because of that Jhene Aiko partnered with Get Schooled where kids ages 13-21 gets a chance to share a page of their journal with Jhene and gets an opportunity to win a “Penny’s Pen” kit. This lasts through October 27th, so if you know of any kids in that age range that knows the power of their pen, let them know that they do not want to miss out on this great opportunity! Last but not least Jhene is coming out with a poetry book called “2Fish” this fall so be on the look out for that.

The “Trip” movie is on jheneispenny.com

The album “Trip” is out everywhere

Check out Jhene’s Instagram page for more info about #PennysPen @jheneaiko




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