Let’s Talk About It! Producers & Songwriters

Work by Rihanna, Sex With Me by Rihanna, Shinning by DJ Khaled Ft. Beyonce & Jay Z, Take a Bow by Rihanna,  Irreplaceable by Beyonce, Knock You Down by Keri Hilson, Let Me Love You by Mario, Umbrella by Rihanna, Baby by Justin Beiber, and Single Ladies by Beyonce. These are just a few popular songs that we all love, but do you know what is significant about them all? They were written or co written by either, Partynextdoor, Neyo or The Dream! If this isn’t amazing to you then you’re buggin. Honestly, a lot of people are sleep on the pure talent that these songwriters have. A lot of people do not know that these artists and more write for your favorite major artists. Recently, Partynextdoor had felt some type of way about some records that he’s written. He basically felt like his name should’ve been mentioned more when the song(s) are brung up. Unlike songwriters, producers usually use voice tags to promote their identity on a song. However, people are sleep on producers as well! Songwriters and producers definitely need more recognition, a union, a category on award shows, a beat battle, anything! Thing is, we wouldn’t have any of these amazing songs that we listen to everyday and jam to if it wasn’t for the songwriters and producers. When you listen to a new song the first thing most of us listen for is the beat. Is the beat hard? Is the beat catchy? Does the beat make me bounce? The second thing we listen to is the lyrics.  What is the artist talking about? Is it relate-able to me? Does it make me happy, sad, mad, etc. That just goes to show you that the beat and lyrics makes the whole song, the rapper or singer just owns it as their own (as he/she should). If you acknowledge these songwriters and producers as great talents as they are, it would lead you to contemplate on their own body of work and how they would sound with this or that artist. Your musical intellectual will be greater basically, and you will have a more appreciation of music and the artist (s). Now, just for fun below are a list of my favorite producers… and chill this is no particular order.

  1. C- note
  2. Metro Boomin
  3. DJ Esco
  4. Swizz Beats
  5. No I.D.
  6. Kanye
  7. I.D. Labs
  8. Xxaphoon Jones
  9.  BP on the beat
  10. P-Lo
  11. June onna beat
  12. 9th Wonder
  13. Zaytoven
  14. Mike Will Made It
  15. 40
  16. Pharrell
  17. Q-Tip
  18. DJ Mustard
  19. Southside
  20. Plain Pat

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