The Women’s Room LA Event |Connecting Creative Women

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The future is female indeed.  Beautiful, bold, powerful, and confident women has and always will be taking over the world one step at a time. These women, including myself were present at the first Women’s Room LA networking event on Saturday June 4th 2017. This event gives a platform for female creatives and entrepreneurs to showcase their talent, and work. I got a chance to talk to Breanna, the women that made it all happen, check out our Q & A below…

1. What is your name:

A: My name is Breanna Sherrie, but I am mostly known by brehunny, my nickname.

2.  Where are you from?

A: I’m from Oakland, California

3. What do you do?

A: The best way I can describe what I do is an entrepreneur. I have a couple hobbies that I am in the process of turning into businesses so that I won’t have to work a 9-5 including real estate, photography, and an online vegan cooking show which I hope to then publish a recipe book from.

4. Is The Women’s Room LA a solo project or do you have a team? If so, who does the team consist of?

A: It started off as a solo project and then a lot of people joined in with helping me put together the event and creating the vision. I started working on the women’s room in 2016 and in 2017 I brought on my cousin Brittany as my partner for the event. As of now it is just me and her but I hope to have more people join the organization.

5. How did the idea of The Women’s Room come about and what inspired it?

A: So this idea came about from me just wanting to do something to bring women together. I’ve always felt that women do not stick together the way that men do and I just wish our community wasn’t that way. I’m an only child and I’ve always wanted a lot of sisters and brothers but I never got any and I think that is the reason the way I’ve always felt like my friends weren’t my friends but more like my sisters and watching the way life will have girls fall out of friendships with each other so easily compared to how guys stand together sparked something in me to want to make a change. I’ve always been told to be the change you want to see so I literally decided to give it a try and do something about it. My creative juices then came up with the women’s room and I decided to make it a place for women to come and be comfortable first and enjoy entertainment and network as well.

6.  How was the process like of putting on a event like such for the first time?

A: The process for putting together this event was something I couldn’t possibly have prepared for but I enjoyed every step. The main thing that I found a little challenging was finding women who fit the criteria for the event and then getting them to be involved in the show. I had been reaching out to people to just be apart of the vision and contribute to the empowerment. Their isn’t too many women around who are serious about business and even less that want to put so much time and effort into helping others achieve a goal.

7. What was/is your goal of The Women’s Room?

A: My goal for the women’s room is to grow the organization to different states and spread the empowerment and unity across the world and make it so mainstream that women supporting women becomes second nature and something that isn’t even thought about or discussed because we just do it, which is the way I believe it should be. Women experience a lot of things in life including bringing it into this world, and the only people who can relate to us is ourselves, so we need to be there for each other regardless if we’re strangers or relatives.

8. What is the next move/ or event for The Women’s Room?

A: The next event for the women’s room will focus on single and young mothers and will be raising diaper and baby product donations to help out our mothers who could use a second hand. This event will be held in Los Angeles again, and along with that the women’s room will be working on traveling to the Bay Area to start the expansion and begin spreading the unity!

Instagram: @brehunn &

There were plenty of amazing women entrepreneurs and artist in attendance but I got a chance to meet and talk to just a few of them that caught my eye…

Women can literally do everything, like artist London J who is a beautiful ceramic artist. This women is not afraid to get her hands dirty to make beautiful pottery, from simple but beautiful bowls, cups, vase’s and Jordan’s, she does it all! Check out her Instagram to view more of her work! @madeinlondonj 

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Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words – Edgar Allan Poe. Powerful, bold, conscious, deep and real are the words that I would describe the two beautiful black women of the group Young Revolutionary Poetry.  These two women came and caught everyone’s attention by their clear cut, engaging poetry.  These two women were very relate-able and touched on topics that women in general go through on a daily basis with incorporating lyrics from Kendrick Lamar and Erykah Badu. Promoting unity, women unity, loving yourself, and dealing with issues with men were all discussed in their poetry. Check them out to hear and see their amazing poetry Instagram: @_yrp_

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From a bouquet of flowers, to vaginas, and booty & brains, women empowerment is what artist Sierra Hood promotes in her amazing, dope pieces. When you see her paintings they look very graphic but they also have a certain beauty about them and you would want to know the story behind the work.  Her work is bold, bright and very detailed. I admire her for painting risky pictures and being confident in her work. Check out more dope pieces on her Instagram: @sisi_hood

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