“All About Me” Q & A with Rapper JohnnyDoIt

The West Coast has and always will be the greatest influencer on music and style. California is going to make your summer lit once again with the hottest songs but most importantly Sacramento will be supplying you with the dope music. When you hear of Sac and rap music you might think of Mozzy. Well, there are other dope rappers out of Sac that are just as talented like JohnnyDoIt! JohnnyDoIt has made a name for himself after his 2014 music video and song called “Sacramento, California” featuring Neno. Ever since then, he has been keeping his fans in tack with more and more slaps.

1. How did you get the name JohnnyDoIt?

A: Well my original name was Lil J3, but I figured it’s too many “Lil” rappers in the game so I wanted something different. I got Johnny for obvious reasons, my name & then came up with “Do It” just randomly. I think I was thinking of Nike slogan “Just Do It” & just switched it to Johnny. It had a ring to it so I’ve stuck with it ever since.

2. When did you start rapping and when did you start taking it seriously?

A: I start rapping when I was 15. I would around 2013 when I linked up with KeepItSoSolid is when I start taking it serious.
3. Where in Sacramento are you from?

A: Haha I’m from Sacramento in general. I don’t like how people try to separate Sac into regions. We all in the same city no matter what hood you from. That claiming hood mentality is lame to me.

4. How has Sacramento influenced your style and/or music?

A: Sacramento influenced my style and music by me living here my whole life & experiencing different things. Every year things change. You gotta make sure you keeping up with everything. But I love Sac & the whole scene in the city. It’s dope

5. Why do you think Sacramento gets a bad rep?

A: Sac gets a bad rep simply because they say we sound like the bay. Which is understandable because usually when you’re an innovator & you get a bunch of people copying your shit or your sound, it can get annoying. Especially those that don’t pay homage. So in that aspect I get it, but regardless to me as long as it’s good music & it slaps I’m not tripping where it comes from.
6. How do you feel about Sacramento rappers today?

A: I like a lot of the Sac rappers. So much diversity in the city. It’s not everybody doing the same sound. To be a listener of all the music here you have soooo many types of music you can listen to here. Not just with rappers either. With every genre of music here. The artists are dope as hell. I love it

7. Can you explain what #KeepitSolid is and how it came about?

A: Maaaan KeepItSoSolid is a bunch of homies the recognized each other’s talent & shared the same dream & decided to link up & move as a unit. It all originally came from Deano. I believe he came up with the name back in high school. I think Neno had an involvement with the name & everything too, but I remember it was them 2 moving together fasho. Deano knew Teo somehow & was a fan of beats so they added him to the team. I had knew Deano because we performed at a talent show together & I knew Neno because he recorded his first song at my house. So in 2013 they came to me & explained what they were trying to do & I was all for it. I met Teo & we added the homie Swazy to the group too & the rest is history. Shout out to KeepItSoSolid

8. What artist did you grow up listening to?

A: I grew up listening to damn near every artist that was hot in the late 90’s & early 2000’s. Waaaay to many to name, but 1 of the artist I gravitated to the most is Lil Wayne. That’s definitely my favorite rapper. But you know I was into everything. From Pac & Big to Outkast & 50 Cent to niggas like Mike Jones & T-Pain. Just everybody. I’m really just a fan of music so I like damn near everybody.
9. What artist and producers do you work with?

A: Artists I work with the most is KeepItSoSolid of course & my homie King Bailey from the Bay. Producers i work with the most is Teo & my cousin NRT. Oh and King Bailey make beats too so I got alot of shit with him.

10. I can imagine that being a rapper isn’t easy, so how do you stay motivated and keep people interested?

A: Just by self-motivation. Try to tell myself to keep going & keep pushing despite what other may think. Gotta keep people interested by coming up with unique concepts. Whether it’s musically or visually. Staying engaged is key. You never know how things could turn out. I could be at the 1 yard line right now & if I give up & quit then I failed myself & dream. Just gotta keep working & working till I’m able to say I’ve achieved my goals.
11. Have you seen improvement in your music and are you excited about where you are headed?
A: MAJOR IMPROVEMENT! I finally found my voice. & I like it because it’s unique & I can’t name another rapper that has the same voice as me. Song concepts is something I feel I also improved on. Being able to paint a picture when you listen to my songs. I feel like I’m headed in the right direction as long as I stick to myself & not let what’s popular affect how I create. Definitely excited to see what the future has in store.
12.  The artwork for your covers are dope, who designs them and how do you come up with the creative images?
A: My artwork I got homies that did em & stuff, but more recently I been doing my own artwork. That’s strictly because I like moving at a quick rate & Getting something done when I want it done. I hate having to sit & wait for somebody to do my shit. Especially when it’s on they time. I might not get it back for days or even weeks sometimes. So it stalls the music I got. So I said fuck it & Ima start doing things myself. Can’t learn unless you try. As far as trying to come up with something creative I just sit & daydream about what I think would look dope. Once I got the vision of how I want it to look then I go in & start putting everything together piece by piece. Thus, you have my artwork.
13. Do you have any slaps lined up for Summer 17?
A: I’m working on some Summer 17 music. I still got a bunch of songs I haven’t even released yet. But yeah I’m tyna stay active with it. Keep the brain thinking.
14. Talk about the latest song or project you have out…
A: The project I got out right now is called All About Me. Short project but it means exactly what the title says. I made each song about me & how I feel about certain things & situations. Dope music though fasho. My favorite song on there is I Look Good so if you reading this go check it out. Got tha music video finna drop soon too.
15. Where can people stay up on your music?
A: You can find my music on Youtube, Soundcloud, iTunes or Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, shit you can Google the name Johnny Do It & all my music will pop up. haha . You can go to johnnydoit.com too. A lot of my music is on there.
16. What are your social media handles?

A: Follow me at @johnnydoit on both instagram & twitter . @johnnyhazlo on snapchat.

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