Views from the Last Day of Fader Fort 2017 SXSW

There was so much to see and do at the 2017 SXSW festival in Austin Texas. You were blessed if you got a chance to attend one of the days at Fader Fort. I attended the last day of Fader Fort on Saturday March 18th 2017. The experience was so great, there were tons of free items given out which I’m sure everyone loves, and the vibe and atmosphere was amazing. Walking in, everyone had an option of a free drink from Jack Daniels or Vitamin Water. The free alcohol had to be one of the highlights for me. The venue was outdoors, and I expected it to be bigger but it wasn’t too big or too small. Before the show started, Budweiser had a photo booth were you can take pictures, Toyota had a booth where you can customize a SXSW patch and the DJs had the pre-turn up lit. Like I said, it felt amazing to be at an event that The Fader Magazine put on because The Fader is such an iconic urban magazine. The lineup for the last day consist of artist like, Cardi B, Nef The Pharaoh, SOBxRBE, BJ the Chicago Kid, Kodie Shane, Priests, Young M.A., Jacob Banks, PWR BTTM and special guest, Mike Will Made It and 2 Chainz. As a few people gathered around the front of the stage, Kodie Shane opened up the last day of Fader Fort. Kodie Shane is an upcoming female rapper from Lil Yatchy’s Sailing Team and I must say that she gained a new fan. Kodie Shane is so pretty and has great steez on her. Kodie Shane performed a few songs including “Drip on My Walk” that got the crowd hyped and ready for more. Her style is definitely one of Lil Yatchy’s but in her own unique way. While other artist got ready to perform, I saw Nef The Pharaoh in the audience! I’m from Northern California and we go hard for our own, plus I never met him before. I definitely took a picture and chatted up with him. He told me he goes on at 3:30 so I made sure I was in the front at 3:00. I honestly think I was the only hyped one that knew all the lyrics to the songs he performed. Nef The Pharaoh definitely represented The Bay right, Nef performed a couple of new songs with some classics like “Big Tymin’ and “Dumb Life”. Speaking of The Bay, some may or may not know who SOBxRBE is but they’re a group out of Vallejo just like Nef and once they performed I was just as hyped for them because they’re new, young and I definitely wanted to show support. SOBxRBE performed they’re song “Anti” that is really popular right now. Someone behind me even tried to whisper to a friend “she’s the only one that knows the songs”, I actually took that as a compliment. Surprising to me, Nef The Pharaoh brought out another new artist from Mobile Alabama named, OMB Peezy. This is significant to me because I went to school in Montgomery Alabama so I know about Mobile. OMB Peezy definitely has a southern accent but a California vibe and it was so cool to watch him perform his song “When I Was Down”.  After The Bay came and shut it down, the DJ was introducing the next artist. I was thinking Cardi B was going to be last or close to the end, but Cardi B was introduced. All you saw was a bunch of people crowding the front stage for her. I didn’t even know that many people was at the venue but clearly everyone loves Cardi B. Cradi B came looking gorgeous and stylish as always and I was excited to see her perform also. Cardi B has grown so much into a great artist that seems so genuine and real. Not that I know her personally but, I am so proud of her. We were introduced to her on Love and Hip Hop and she took that fame to do what she really wants to do, which is music. She performed her song “Lick” featuring Offset and “Foreva”. Below are pictures I took with Nef The Pharaoh and SOBxRBE and you can check out all the performances at Fader Fort 2017 on The Fader website.


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