Black Excellence and a Cultural Stance at The Oscars

The years 2016 and 2017 feels very monumental. I do not know if it is the effects of Obama leaving office and/or Trump entering the office but I feel the black excellence taking over tremendously regardless of the negative things happening in the world.Ever since I was old enough to watch and understand award shows like the Oscars, I’ve been very intrigued about the fashion and accomplishments of our favorite actors and actresses. This years Academy Award Show took place on February 26th 2017 and lets just start off acknowledging some of “the first”. Mahershala Ali, one of the actors from the Award Winning movie Moonlight has become the  first Muslim actor to ever win an Oscar! I mean, this is not just significant because he is the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar, this makes a powerful and bold statement that, Muslims, Mexicans, Middle Eastern’s and any one else from a different country that is in the U.S. is an asset and the Muslim travel ban is not. Speaking of the travel ban, Asghar Farhadi is an Iranian film director that won an Oscar for best foreign film. This is significant because he boycotted the Oscars in protest of Trumps travel ban, and now he has won an award. This shows that there is still success under Trumps attempt to stop Muslims from entering the U.S. Viloa Davis won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Fences and she has joined the iconic Whoopi Goldberg as the only  black actresses to win an Oscar, a Tony, and an Emmy Award! This is remarkable and outstanding to witness history being made like this. Another remarkable thing to witness is a film about a young, queer, black boy growing up in the hood winning two Oscar awards. The story line about a queer black boy in the hood finding himself and in search for love through all the hardships is so heart felt. The film was made so effortlessly good, they really deserve it. Even though the amazing film, Hidden Figures did not win anything, the beautiful and living NASA hero Katherine Johnson was honored for her work. Last but not least, that same day February 26th is the anniversary death of our own Trayvon Martin. Actresses like, Tracie Ellis Ross, Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington and Ava DuVernay all honored Trayvon by wearing Trayvon Martin hoodies right before Oscar night, Rest In Peace. I am truly, happy and proud of all of the accomplishments and cultural statements made at the infamous known “all white” award show. This gives me great hope in our people and the world that we can all come together and bring forth change, hope and unity.


Former NASA scientist Firouz Naderi (L)



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