Black twitter vs. HYPEBEAST poor choice of article title

Yesterday, February 17th 2017 while lurking on my Twitter timeline I came across a lot of upset and confused people bashing HYPEBEAST and Supreme about HYPEBAST article title under they’re fashion category. The title of the article says, “Who is Sade Adu and Why Is she on a Supreme Shirt?”. A lot of people did not take the title of this article to well, some actually thought it was offensive and sad, including myself. Black twitter bashed HYPEBEAST because of they’re offensive title, some might question why this title is offensive. Well, growing up in a black home or a home that has a good appreciation of music will tell you Sade is one of the best singers of her time and even now. From her beauty, grace, unique voice, elegant pictures, to every other beautiful thing about her, everyone loves Sade, shes iconic. Some of her classic hit songs are, Smooth Operator, The Sweetest Tabo, and No Ordinary  Love. Now, I had to go read the article for myself to see if they are really bashing her or not. For all of my Sade fans out there, there was no bashing in this article!  Supreme’s 2016/2017 range and collection dropped February 16th 2017 and Sade is the next face of the labels music tee series. According to Felson Sajonas the witter of this article says, ” the biggest division lies between those who only want to wear the brand for the ultimate “cool guy” flex and those who actually pay attention to the carefully curated aesthetic of the New York skate imprint.” So as you can see, it seems like the title of this article  is based on the fact that some Supreme fans are woke and understands the aesthetic and some Supreme fans don’t understand. By the article, the Supreme fans that don’t understand would be “eager to learn” about her and the choice of her face being on the t-shirt. Side note: I don’t think this is Supreme’s first time using an unfamiliar to some but iconic face on they’re clothes before, so why is the face of Sade really being questioned? Another side note, I know writers want they’re articles to get attention but I don’t think this was the best way, just saying.


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