Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collection. Yay or Nay?

Anyone who loves fashion whether its high fashion or street wear will be super stocked about a collab of two brands or designers. Supreme and Louis Vuitton collaborated together and designed a collection that appeared in  LV’s Fall-Winter 2017 show in Paris. pictures of the items surfaced the internet quickly showing the new clothes, shoes and accessories. Even though the two brands are so different, they can mesh in a very nice way. When I heard that these two brands were collaborating together I was so excited because I knew that the collection would be hot and fresh. After seeing the collection I think its fresh for sure but not so hot. The collection is mostly red and white with a big supreme logo and small LV logo. I hate to say this but the collection is kind of basic, I was expecting more. I guess I was expecting more designs, a variety of colors, textures, you name it. Now don’t get me wrong if I could purchase a bag from the collection myself  or receive it as a gift, I would definitely rock it! who wouldn’t? its Supreme and LV! Check out some of the pieces from the fashion show below…


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