Culture standing out in a culture

On January 21st 2017, hundreds of thousands of women including children and men participated in The Women’s March. Not only did the march take place in Washington D.C. but it took place in cities like,  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and New York City just to name a few. Women from all over the world including celebrities like Rihanna, Amber Rose, Letoya Luckett, Debbie Allen and Zendaya came out rain or shine to march for women’s rights. People were marching for anti Trump, abortion rights, rape culture, abuse (emotionally and physically), equality towards men’s and many other issues that women all over the world still have to face with to this day. There were a lot of great pictures taken of unity, diversity and propaganda signs. All of the pictures taken were beautiful and deserved a lot of “yassss”, hand claps and standing ovations. Some other pictures taken caused myself and others to do more than a “yassss” but it caused us to sip our tea… I’m talking about two signs in particular the two signs that put white women on blast about being the majority voters for trump and the questioning of them supporting Black Lives Matter movement. This is significant because there were so many white women out marching for women’s rights in they’re cute little pink outfits and signs saying “Power to the Pussy” but  white women were clearly not thinking about women’s rights when the majority of them voted for Trump and they are not that excited about marching for black lives. So what makes The Women’s March so different? Don’t get me wrong it was all very beautiful, I wish I had attended but is it that now that white women found out Trump played everyone and is clearly not so interested in the respect and honor of women that they’re marching ecstatically marching for women’s rights? And is it that because The Women’s March is so diverse, white women do not mind marching with a diverse group of women? But let it be a Black Lives Matter march that is actually marching for more than rights but for life itself. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about all white women because  I know all women do not fall in this category but  most do. Either way, shout out to the people who made these signs in the midst of the happy go lucky march. #WOKEfullsizerender-33



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