*New Artist Alert* Lil Whoadie bringing you trippy, feel good music.

The last rapper out of Alabama to make it big was Doe B, rest in peace. Now there is a new rapper out of Alabama who is ready to take the throne. Greg who goes by Lil Whoadie is from Enterprise Alabama but has a West Coast and Atlanta feel to him. From his music and his steez you would think he is from California but he just has a good appreciation for the West Coast culture. Lil Whoadie started raping for fun by doing freestyles and began to take it serious. He then began to rap with a group of friends, and decided to branch off on his on to take it even more seriously. From there Lil Whoadie began making great music, with a unique sound, perspective, and look. With the help of his producers Zayban and Jlane out of Atlanta, he began to get more support than ever and developed a supportive fan base. His music is starting to travel coast to coast from Alabama to Atlanta to California and Portland Oregon. Be on the look out for his first mixtape dropping soon, to keep up with Lil Whoadie and his music follow him on his social media sites below. But for now check out Lil Whoadie’s new music video to his new single Coke n Viagra.

Instagram: @whoaditre

Twitter: @drippinkarena

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