Dance is life: Pretty Big Movement

No matter what shape or size you are, everyone can and should be able to dance. No discrimination should be brought to anyone who isn’t the right size or right weight. Meet Akria Armstrong, Akria’s resume for dance is very noteworthy. Akria danced for artist like Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Salt n Peppa. She also danced in countries like Dubai and Australasia. She also performed with Bernice Johnson Dance Company, the world famous Apollo Theater, and Ladies of Hip Hop at Cosmo Theater in Vianna Austra. Oh, did I mention shes a plus size women? Yes, and with all of these accomplishments she figured that there is not a platform for plus size dancers. Akira created a dance company called  Pretty Big Movement LLC based in New York. This dance company specializing in various dance genres such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ethnic and more.I just wanted to recognize her for her beauty, courage and faith, I love what is did and what she will continue to do. To read and learn more about Akira Armstrong and her dance company check out the website at and a short video about her below

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