Kanye’s Greatest via Complex Magazine

Yesterday, Complex Magazine decide to put out a list of of Kanye West albums from worst to best. Just about everyone I know love the old Kanye when he put out his albums like, Graduation and College Dropout. Right until he put out his Yeezus album in 2013 most of his fan based as dropped. Although, you still had faithful fans like me who still supported him no matter how much we disliked some of his latest albums. Well, below is Complex’s list from worst to best… I know they’re DMs blew up after they put this list out because everyone has they’re own opinions and Kanye West fans like me and Chance The Rapper are very sensitive about these things. Chance The Rapper expressed how he felt on Twitter and how he was disappointed in the list and he posted his own list. I’m going to abbreviate my list from best to worst and it goes a little something like this, 1. LR 2. Graduation 3. MBDTF 4. TCDO 5. 808’s 6. TLOP 7. WTT 8. Yeezus 9. CS


9. Cruel Summer (2012)

8. Late Registration (2005)

7. 808’s and heartbreak (2008)

6.The Life of Pablo (2016)

5. The College Dropout (2004)

4. Yeezus (2013)

3. Watch the Throne (2011)

2. Graduation (2007)

1.My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)

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