Barack Obama’s Farewell Address: The best president we have ever had

This evening was filled with emotions as President Barack Obama gave his final speech in his farewell address today in his hometown of Chicago. Barack and his family was so loved by the american people that we hate to see them go. The Obama family gave us realness, sophistication and everything we could ever hope for in a president. We, the american people was excited in 2008 when the first black president got elected into the white house and now we are sad that he is leaving. Obama gave us a very good four years and I know that he knows what impact he has made on the american people especially African Americans. In Obama’s farewell address he gave us hope saying “you made me a better president” and that “we will have a smooth transition”. Obama also addressed immigration saying that we need to try harder which is absolutely true. Emotions also came, when Obama talked about his beautiful wife Michelle and he also had his daughter Malia tear up as well. I would personally like to thank Barack Obama for giving our young people are first hand look on how a president is supposed to be. Obama gave me and others inspiration, hope and gratitude. I will forever be grateful to have witnessed Obama’s time as president. Like I have always said, Obama will always be my president.




2 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Farewell Address: The best president we have ever had

  1. Wakeya Thompson-Belt says:

    I admire your work. It’s truly inspire. I have a 12 year old daughter and 20 year old sister who are both artist. My daughter and sister are both in a all girls rap group in Washington, DC. They advocate positivity within the community. Some of the lyrics consist of Suicide Prevention, Poverty, Being Original and giving back to the community justbto name a few. You can find some of there video’s on YouTube by typing in QueenBeez in the search engine.

    Thank you,



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