Ever since I was young I was involved in a variety of things, I never had one focus. Even till this day I’m all over the place, I have my hands in so many things. I’m going with the flow in life, I guess that’s why people say I’m “mysterious”. Music is the only thing that’s been consistent with me (Hip-hop in particular) with Hip-hop comes art, fashion, style, community, culture, events and more.

Voice of Millennials Now (Vmnow) shares what is happening NOW in music, art, style, culture and events from my perspective. Vmnow also gives a platform to young people’s music, art, style, culture and events. Being the “queen of the youth” I love to see people my age (the millennials) express themselves and work hard to make a name for themselves through their creativity.

These are artist you probably wouldn’t know but should know because they have, dope, raw and pure talent. By giving artist this platform they will get the exposure they need to attract more people and they will also become more driven to create better work.